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Three kinds of maintenance of Cold Roll Forming Machine
Jun 08, 2018

According to the size of repair work and the degree of performance recovery after repair, the maintenance of cold roll forming machine is divided into:

(1) . Minor repairs. It is equivalent to Class 3 maintenance. It is the partial repair with minimal workload. Repair and replace a small number of damaged parts, adjust the equipment to ensure that the equipment can be used until the next repair period. Minor repairs and fixed inspections are normally carried out at the same time.


(2). Middle level repair. Partial disintegration of the equipment, repair or replacement of main parts and more wear parts. Meantime, inspect the entire mechanical system and the basis of the equipment, to restore and achieve the required precision, power and other technical requirements. In general, repair is a restorative repair.

(3). Overhaul. This is the most workable repair. All or most of the dismantling cold roll forming machine needs to be repaired or replaced by main parts and all worn parts, so that the technical and technical performance of the equipment can meet the required standard. The time of the overhaul cycle depends on the maintenance quality. The overhaul period is generally longer, and some major technical renovation projects should be combined with the overhaul as far as possible.

After the cold roll forming machine is repaired, relevant departments and personnel should be organized to carry out the appraisal and acceptance according to the standards, so as to ensure the quality of repair.

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