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The way to distinguish the types of cutting machines
Jun 11, 2018

The way to distinguish the types of cutting machines:


According to the transmission mode, the cutting machines can be divided into two types. One is mechanical type, another one is hydraulic type. The simplest method which can distinguish the types is by observing the cut thickness.


For example, the cut machine which used for cut the color steel sheet which  thickness is less than 1mm is mostly mechanical type, and the cut thickness which is more than 1mm usually is hydraulic type.


According to the position of the upper blade, the cutting machine can be divided into flat blade cutting and oblique edge shearing.




Oblique blade cutting is made by progressive shear, so the instantaneous shear size is smaller than the width of sheet metal. The cutting quality of oblique blade is not as good as that of flat blade. But shear force and energy consumption are smaller than flat blade shearing, so they are used in large and medium plate shearing machines.


About the flat blade cut. The sheet and the upper and lower cutting edges are in full contact at the same time, with large shearing force, high power consumption and large vibration. But the shear quality is better, and the shear sheet is straight and no distortion. Mostly, the transmission mode of flat blade  cutting machine is mechanical type, mostly used for small shearing machine and sheet blanking.

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