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The notice of choosing roll forming machine
Feb 23, 2018

The notice of choosing roll forming machine

Roll forming machine is the machine which uses cold roll forming process make the PPGI or PPGL coil become the final different type products. According to the shapes and usages of the final products, the roll forming machines including Joint-hidden roof sheet roll forming machine, glazed tie roll forming machine, C purlin roll forming machine, Z purlin roll forming machine, sandwich roll forming machine, gutter and downspout roll forming machine, etc.

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Now, there are lots of roll forming machines on the market. Meantime, there are many roll forming machine factories and suppliers. We as the consumer, should notice some points when choose the roll forming machines, details are as follows:


1. Choose the manufacturer or the factory’s distributor as far as possible. Because, professional manufacturer has the professional people and experience to help us succeed with dedicated after sales support, customer service and technical expertise.  


2. Can’t only pay attention to the price. For example, the same 840 type roof sheet roll forming machine, the price gap can reach 30%. Why there is so big price gap, the main reasons are:


Firstly, the different area. In some big city, the production technology is advanced, the quality is reliable. But the plant rent is very high, the employee’s salary is high, these will certainly result in the high production costs. Under this, the price of the roll forming machine will be high.


Secondly, the raw material quality. Normally, The roll forming machine frame was made of steel I-beam, roller material was made of mold steel, 95% accessories was made of steel materials. Different quality steel material’s price is different. This will also effect the price.


Thirdly, roll forming machine’s quality. The roll forming machine which is made of good steel materials, comparing with the roll forming machine which is made of bad steel material, of course, the former roll forming machine’s quality is better. Normally, A whole set of roll forming machine unit is formed by de-colier, roll forming unit, computer control cabinet, hydraulic motor station, receiving tables. All these components have good quality ones and bad quality ones. These will effect the roll machine’s quality. Absolutely, it will also effect the price.


Fourth, the supplier’s profit. Some suppliers keep a normal profit ratio, but some supplier keep a big profit ratio.


3. Observe roll forming machine’s appearance, measure the roller shafts’ dimensions, carefully  check the component’s quality. The roll forming machine’s appearance is related to the assembly technology and the roll forming machine’s quality. The quality of rollers and shafts is directly related to the use life of the roll forming machine. The main components directly related to the cooperation and work of the roll forming machine. 

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