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The material of downspout and the installation of the steel downspout roll forming machine
Mar 05, 2018

Steel downspout is produced by steel downspout roll forming machine, through the roll forming, end enclosing processes. Then use the special equipment to bend and neck. Steel downspout has the excellent weather ability. It is simple designation, easy for installation, safe and durable, elegant. Steel downspout’s colorful color and metal texture brings the strong expressiveness to the buildings.

The installation of the steel downspout.

Step 1. After measure the length, use the hand cut saw or the grinding wheel cutting machine to cut. The cut cross-section should flat after the cutting.

Step 2. Insert the pipe to the pipe-fitting. Fastened by rivets. Use the silicone smear the seams, ensure the joint part tighten and has no seams.

Step 3. Put the pipe set to the area which was marked on the drawing. Use the stainless steel screws and expansion pipes to tighten. 

Steel downspout roll forming machine is automatically controlled by computer during the production process. Equipped the de-coiler, so we can put the raw materials into the feeding device. Then after the several roll forming steps, automatically cut bu computer. It has the advantages such as accurate measurement, small tolerance and easy for maintain.


The materials of the steel downspout can be classified to the following


1. Metal downspout (such as Iron, Aluminum, Copper, etc.)


2. Plastic downspout (such as PVC pipe, etc.)


Main shapes including: Round, Square, Rectangular, Semi-round, etc.)

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