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The main components and technical parameters of Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine
Mar 22, 2018

The components of the roll forming machine including Guiding device, Roll Forming Unit, Cutting device, Hydraulic station, Computer control system. And the additional components for option are Un-coiler, Hydraulic Un-coiler, Automatic stacker, and so on.


Technical parameters of a common Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine


Size: 6400*1300*1000mm

Roller Shafts Diameter: 70mm. 45# Steel. Quenched

Roller Material: 45# forged Steel, Coated with hard chrome

Drive type: two kinds. One is Chain wheel, another is Chain

Main power: 3 Kw

Roller station: 11 rows

Control system: PLC control

Pump station power: 3 Kw

Cutter Blade: Cr12  


Under the common condition, during the working of the Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine, the roll forming speed can reach 8m/min -10m/min. The roll forming thickness is from 0.3mm-0.8mm. Feeding width is 1000mm.


General speaking, the roof sheets produced by roof sheet roll forming machine can be used repeatedly. It not only has the high strength, but also has the cheap price. It is beautiful and durable.


Now, the Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine is widely used for the production of various kinds of roof sheets which were used in industrial plants, houses, ware-houses, etc.

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