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The kinds of Shutter Door
Jun 01, 2018

1. Electric Shutter Door


Bright color and Corrosion protection; the shutter door which was produced by shutter door roll forming machine has a good balance in any position, the door guide rail on both sides and the curtain has the quiet woolen, also, set a sound guide slot, the unique system makes the body have a good balance system, no noise when open and greatly increasing the service life of the shutter door.


2. Fast Shutter Door


Fast Shutter Door is a fast, safe and reliable shutter door. In order to improve the efficiency in production and distribution process, meantime, in order to prevent the loss of cold air, prevent mosquitoes, dustproof, sound insulation and isolation from other areas. It is suitable for the light industrial areas such as medicine, food, electronics, cigarette making, machinery manufacturing, and fast access places.


3. Steel Fireproof Shutter Door


The Steel Fireproof Shutter Door is a new generation of fireproof and resistant material. It is produced by the Steel Fireproof Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine. In the middle of the slat is filled with the fire protection material (salt cotton). It has the characteristics of novel modeling, smooth, strong strength, good sealing, stable fire resistance. It can operate by electric or hand. In addition, it is linked with smoke sensing and temperature sensing alarm system. In case of fire, automatic control can be realized, or the central control room can make the total control.


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