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The features of round steel downspout roll forming machine
Feb 05, 2018

Round steel downspout can keep the machine running safely and highly efficient. There is tiny noise and low stoppage rate. This is because its motor drive system specially adopts the cycloidal pin gear speed reducer system. The whole machine adopts chain type drive. Besides this, as the round downspout roll forming machine adopts the wall panel type structure design, the base is fully welded by hot-rolled H beams. The wall panel is welded to the base. 

      4 downspout roll forming machine.jpg

So, this design can effectively reduce the welding stress, and make the whole downspout roll forming machine frame has the good steel ability and stability. In addition, this device adopts the hydraulic punch cut forming technology. The settled four sets of special blades works at the same time. This makes the cutting cross-section neat, no spurs, and with small deforming. The cutting system mainly contains tool apron, hydraulic cylinder drive station, blades and hydraulic station, etc.

Round steel downspout roll forming machine’s rollers also adopts the high quality steel which was made by the special technology. So, it can guarantee the roller’s accurate dimension and the brightness surface, prolonged the use-life time. The electric power system is also very advanced. The whole electric system is safe, stable and high efficient. The whole electric power system can be installed at the main motor’s base. It’s no need to make wiring when operation. The operation is quick and convenient.

Besides this, on the round steel downspout roll forming machine, usually configure the related cantilever type raw material un-coiler. The size can be custom according to buyers requirement. The loading weight is 2 tons. Usually, The length of the receiving support is 10 meters.

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