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The features of profile roll forming machine
Feb 05, 2018

21 window frame roll forming machine.jpg

When in production process, profile roll forming machine can make the stresss force of each roll forming step keep balanced. So, the use-life time can be prolonged. The profile roll forming machine can do the accurate processing and its easy for installing and adjusting.    

During the running of the profile roll forming machine, you can finish several roll forming steps according to the processes which were set in advance. Cross-bending  the coils, strips and other steel sheets continuously to make the shapes with the specific cross-section. It is a plastic working method.  

Adopting the profile roll forming machine not only can improve the finish products quality, but also can increase the materials use rate, and realize the production goal of energy saving and high efficient. Using this production technology, we can get the better quality profiles, reduce the products develop time, improve the production efficient, so then improve the enterprises market competitiveness.

Cold roll forming profiles as the important structure part, it is widely used in various of industrial areas, such as construction, Automotive, Vessel fabrication, Electronics, machinery manufacturing, etc. Its abundant product types can meet the different use requirements

And the cold bending profile which produced by the profile roll forming machine has the big improvement on the quality. It not only has the excellent cross-section performance, but also has the high surface brightness and size precision.

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