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The craft and application of Rood Panel Roll Forming Machine
Mar 20, 2018

Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine is one of the necessary machines of build the metal roof structure. Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine usually adopts the color steel coil, Titanium zinc plate, Aluminum magnesium manganese alloy plate as the basic plate, after roll forming, cutting, bend-arch etc, get the required metal roof panel. This can increase the structure’s strength, provide a more strong line texture.


 The roof panels which produced by roof panel roll forming machine suits for the industrial and civilian constructions, warehouses, the big cross-beam structure houses’ roof, metope and the inner/outer metope’s decoration. Roof panel has the good characteristics, such as light weight, high strength, colorful, easy installation, anti-seismic, fire-proofing, rain-proof, long service life, maintenance free, etc. Now, it is widely popularized and used.


K span roof panel roll forming machine is one kind of the roof panel roll forming machine. K span roof cap system is a light steel roof cap structure which was made up of the channel shape single arc side panels. The process is using the forming machine roll bend the color plate to the channel shape, then use the roll machine roll it become to the channel single arc panel. Finally use the locking machine joint it become to a complete plate at one time. Adopting arch panel structure roof, the arch panel is not only a supporting structure, but also a exterior-protected structure. Supporting structure can be reinforced concrete structure or steel structure. It has the advantages such as low costs, fast construct, light and beautiful, large span space, wide internal space, etc. It is widely used for various kinds of constructions, such as engine houses, warehouses, plants, grain depots, gymnasia, natatoria, exhibition halls, trading halls, markets, commercial buildings, public service facilities, etc.


Developed with the construction industry’s development, Metal roof panel roll forming machine as a classic construction material roll forming machine will get more and more attentions. In addition, his powerful function and wide usage will satisfy more and more needs from the customers.  

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