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The characteristics of the products which are produced by Cold Roll Forming Machine
Jul 02, 2018

Cold Roll Formed Profiles are mainly made of carbon steel, high quality carbon structure steel, low alloy structural steel and stainless steel hot rolling and cold rolled strip as raw materials.


The Metal Profiles Cold Roll Forming Machine mainly includes unwinding, straightening, shearing and welding, storage, forming (welding, shaping), fixed length cutting, checking and collecting and some special procedures. Its equipment is basically similar to the high frequency welded pipe set, but the form of cold bending forming machine is very diverse. According to the specifications of the product, it can be divided into a common Cold Roll Forming Machine. There are three types of groups, open cold formed steel forming unit and wide wave type steel plate forming machine. The structure and product range of these three types of units are different. The general Metal Profiles Cold Roll Forming Machine can produce not only the simple non Welded cold bending copper products, but also the welded closed sections, such as round tube, square moment type and other special-shaped tube.


This product is widely used in light steel structure, automobile manufacturing, highway transportation, logistics equipment, electrical appliance cabinet, etc. Typical products are "C" "Z" type sandalwood; oblique edge coiling Z steel; unequal winding edge Z steel; unequal coiling Z steel; color steel press type plate; "U" channel steel for automobile beam; upper and lower steel; marine fender, small barn; Japanese, European and American highway protection; suspension transmission guide rail and so on.

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