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The characteristics and process of the metal roll forming machine
Apr 17, 2018


1. The metal roll forming machines are produced based on our rich design and  production experience, advanced production technologies.

2. The machines adopt the CNC equipment to produce. Ensure the size accuracy of the rollers, shafts and wheels.

3. Because of the reasonable, accurate designation, accurate production precision, the machine’s stability is good. The products which are produced by the machine has the stable and precision characteristics.

4. Adopts the hydraulic cutting system. The noise is tiny. The cut to length is accurate.

5. The whole roll forming machine is automatically controlled. Easy cooperation, high efficiency.

6. The plane apertures can be punched at one time


The main process flowchart of the metal roll forming machine

Uncoiling, Guide feeding, Roll forming, Straightening, Hydraulic cutting, Receiving

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