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The advantages of Lebron-Machinery’s color steel tiles
Jun 20, 2018

In recent years, China's color tile machine equipment industry has made great progress, not only the scope of technology has been expanded, but also the efficiency has been greatly improved. The modernization, large-scale and intelligent color tile machine equipment will become the good development trend in the future. In the future, only by independent innovation can win the market better. In the process of social modernization, the demand for color tile machines will continue to increase.




Lebron machinery is a professional factory who is specializing in the production of various types of colored steel tile machines. The color steel tiles have the following advantages:


1. The best waterproof performance


Only the high quality tiles of pressure filter molding can make the bottom structure of the valley, making the outflow of rain more smoothly and more quickly, avoiding the phenomenon of reverse flow of rain in the rolling type of ordinary cement tiles.


2. Compression performance is the most accurate (type is accurate, can be designed according to requirements).


After molding, the strength is high (1 million 250 thousand Newtonian pressure), the external dimension is accurate (420mm * 330mm, 9 pieces per square), the density is uniform. The bending strength above 200 kg is enough for the construction personnel to walk freely on the already laid roof.


3. The most convenient construction performance


Vertical or horizontal construction is convenient and feasible. On the general sloping roof, the tile can not be hung, and the tile can be conveniently cut by wet method at any angle.


4. The strongest wind resistance


The colourful tiles use the upper and lower sides to bite the slope and the slope to make the roof form a close whole.




5. The best insulation performance


According to the joint test of solar energy research center of Japan, the average daily temperature of the roof in the roof of the roof is 71.4 degrees Fahrenheit (21.89 degrees C) in the hottest three months, which greatly reduces the load of the air conditioning, and the thermal performance is better than that of other kinds of tile.


6. Super strong frost resistance


The 25 cycles of freeze-thaw test showed that the anti freezing and thawing properties of the colourful tile reached the JIS standard of Japan, far superior to that of other tile species.


7. The most perfect anti permeable performance


Because the colourful tile is molded by large tonnage press, there will be no water seepage in the area. With high density and low water absorption, its permeability resistance is far better than that of other tile species.

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