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Technical Rules For The Maintenance Of Shutter Door (1)
May 25, 2018

1. Appearance quality


1.1 produced by the shutter door roll forming machine, there should be no cracks, press pits on the surface of metal parts, and no obvious defects such as concavo convex, hammer marks, burrs, holes, etc.


1.2 Slats surface should has no tear, lack angle, dig, break hole, tilt, break line and color difference. Produced by the shutter door roll forming machine, the splint should be straight, the clamping should be firm, the direction of the base cloth should be the force direction of the slat surface, and should be beautiful, straight and tidy.


1.3 There should be no burrs on the relative moving parts of cutting, bending and drilling.


1.4 There should be no dislocation in assembly and splicing of parts. Welding should be firm, appearance should be smooth, no slag, leakage welding, loose and so on.


1.5 all fasteners should be fastened, and there should be no loosening.


2. Slats produced by shutter door roll forming machine


2.1 The two slats of the steel shutter door which produced bu slat roll forming machine should be firmly connected and the filling material should be filled.


2.2 The sliding surface of the guide rail should be smooth and straight. The rollers should be smooth when running in the guideway, and there should be no collision and impact.


2.3 The surface of the transmission mechanism, bearing and chain shall be free from rust, and appropriate lubricant should be added as required.


2.4 The average noise of shutter door should not be greater than 85dB.

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