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Technical Rules For The Maintenance Of Shutter Door (2)
May 24, 2018

3. Control part


3.1 indicator lamp


The indicator should be marked in color. Red indicates fire alarm signal, yellow or yellowish indicates fault signal. Green means smooth. The above 3 colors can be used for other functions.


B) All light should be clearly marked out of the function.


C) Under general environmental conditions, the indicator should be clearly visible at a distance of 3 m.


3.2 Terminal


All terminals are clearly and firmly marked with numbers and symbols. The meaning should be given in the product description.


3.3 Switch and Eucalyptus key


The switch and key of the control box should be strong and durable, and the landmarks should be clearly marked on or near them. The manual control device shall meet the following requirements:


A) There should be a sign indicating the direction of the operation;


B) There should be measures to prevent the operation of non specialized personnel. If locks are used, the key should be universal.


C) If a fire emergency button is equipped, measures should be taken to prevent the non professional personnel from mishandling them.


3.4 The control box should be equipped with an operation button or a button box. During normal operation, the electric switch can be controlled by operating the operation button.


3.5 Can control the action of rising, stopping and falling through the manual controller device, receiving the feedback signal of the fire curtains limit device, controlling the fire curtains to carry out the corresponding action, and sending out the rolling curtain action sound and the light indication signal.


3.6 The controller should have measures to prevent the fire shutter from exceeding the lower limit due to the failure of the system.


3.7 The controller should have three sets of control output contacts: the fire roll curtain is in the upper limit, the middle limit, the lower limit position respectively, and when the fire detector alarm signal exists, the output contact is closed and kept.



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