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Roll forming machine operation precautions
Apr 08, 2018

In the production process, the roll forming machine not only improves the working efficiency, but also ensures the strength of the material, improves the quality of the steel arch support, greatly improves the work efficiency, and is simple and clear. Of course, in actual operation, we also need to operate as required to ensure the stable operation of the cold bending machine.


First of all, as a user, we need to consciously abide by the safe operation procedures of the roll forming machine equipment and wear protective labor supplies as required. Before turning on the equipment, it is necessary to clean the top and bottom molds and clean them.


Second, we must pay attention to carry out the necessary inspection work, including the following contents: Check the roll forming machine feeding racks, racks and blocks on the slider for any foreign matter, if any foreign bodies, should be cleaned. Afterwards, according to the thickness of the folded sheet, an appropriate die is selected, and the die size is generally equal to or greater than 8 times the thickness of the sheet. The bending force of the workpiece is calculated according to the bending force of the sheet or the calculation formula of the bending force, and the bending force of the workpiece must not be greater than 1000 KN.


Thirdly, in the process of bending the narrow plate material by using the roll forming machine, the working pressure of the system needs to be appropriately reduced to prevent damage to the mold. When adjusting the stroke of the slide, it is necessary to ensure that the adjustment is less than 100 so as not to damage the machine. Before bending, the clearance between the upper and lower molds should be adjusted uniformly. Remember that you must not put your hand between the molds during the operation of the equipment, and the narrow and long materials must not be held by hand. Only one piece of material is bent at one time, and not many pieces are bent at the same time. Check the oil level of the tank and start the oil pump to check for any abnormalities in the hydraulic piping and the oil pump.


Remember, in the operation, the bent sheet material should be placed in the middle of the mold of the roll forming machine so that the force is even and the processing precision can be guaranteed. Check the oil level of the tank regularly and start the oil pump to check the hydraulic piping and the oil pump for any abnormalities. If you find that the abnormality of the cold roll forming machine stops immediately, check the cause and remove it in time.

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