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Regularly check on roll forming machine
Apr 04, 2018

The normal operation and periodic inspection of roll forming machine is very important. So we should take it seriously. In fact, the inspection of a roll forming  machine is a planned and preventive examination. The means of inspection, in addition to the senses, also require relevant inspection tools and instruments, and are carried out in accordance with the inspection plan.


General speaking, the main contents of the inspection operation of the roll forming machine are as follows: the measurement and verification of the working accuracy, the functional characteristics and the wear or corrosion degree. Through these tests, we will be able to master the technical conditions and wear conditions of the machine more comprehensively, find out and eliminate the hidden dangers, and do a good job of preparing the preparatory work before the repair, in order to improve the repair quality and shorten the repair time.

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For roll forming machine, inspection is mainly divided into routine inspection and regular inspection. Besides checking, proper repair measures are also essential. The repair of equipment refers to the repair of equipment damage and precision deterioration caused by daily or abnormal causes. Repair and replacement of wear, aging and corrosion parts can restore the performance of the equipment.


The check of roll forming machine is very important before work. That is to say, before we formally produce, we need to have a comprehensive inspection on the machine. Only when the perfect preparation is done, can the machine's fine performance be brought into full play.


Also, the maintenance of Roll Forming Machine is also very important. In addition, the preparation of Roll Forming Machine also includes checking whether the device is running normally and whether there are some unusual noises when running. When we have done these tests, we can start normal work.

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