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Product features of seamless drop pipe equipment of finished product sky ditch
May 02, 2018

Wuxi Teyoute Mechanical Co.Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in steel structure roofing and wall enveloping steel plate equipment. It is committed to the development and manufacture of (C, Z type steel equipment, steel structure equipment, color steel tile equipment) and other cold bending equipment, with unique management mode and product development ability. Now more than a dozen series of press type steel plate production lines have been developed, such as wall face roof production line, C type steel and Z type steel strip production line of floor steel bearing plate production line, beam and beam free column arch type roof production equipment, and the company also produces hydraulic shear plate machine, CNC bending machine, steel coil vertical shear unit, steel coil setting. Flat crosscutting unit and other equipment. The product is favored by the steel structure industry due to its lightweight structure, reasonable design and constant renovation.

The finished gutter seamless downpipe equipment has the following characteristics:

1, the product is beautiful: the double deck design is adopted in the system, which has both drainage function and decorative effect, enriching the facade of the building.

2. Good impact resistance: the imported anti impact material is adopted in the system, making the impact resistance of the water dropping system excellent.

3, good drainage effect: the design of Shun Pai falling water system is reasonable and the specification size is over five inches, which solves the drainage problem of large roofs.

4. Easy installation: compared with the similar products, the technology of Shun Pai falling water system is exquisite and the design is reasonable, taking account of the unobstructed drainage and fully considering the convenience of construction.

5. It does not corrode the wall. The system is vinyl polymer, which has excellent weatherability and no oxidation. It will not pollute the wall.

6, material stability is not easy to aging: Shun licensing water drop system unique formula, has good UV resistance, weather resistance is very superior.

7. The components are complete: there are seventeen components in the Shun Pai water drop system. The products are complete and suitable for the drainage of various complex roofs.

8. Good flame retardancy: the flame retardancy of the brand falling water system can reach V0 pole.

9. Construction is all dry work: the TM card falling water system with high efficiency and fast speed is all dry type operation, which opens up a broad prospect for the industrialization of the water dropping system.

10, wide application: because of the above features, the CIS water falling system is applicable to all areas of the country and is widely used in many kinds of buildings, such as villas, multi-storey houses, office buildings, buildings and so on.

Application examples: Green Bamboo Lake, Tai Wai mountain Yuquan villa, Tong Sheng Lake Villa, business park.

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