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Molding process and work task of metal glazed tile forming machine
Sep 29, 2018

The metal glazed tile forming machine usually adopts the process of press forming. Therefore, in the molding process of the metal glazed tile, the press tonnage and the mold used directly determine the main defects such as product strength, size and cracking. In the molding workshop, its main task is to process the plastic mud, slurry or powder provided by the raw material workshop into a blank, dry and glaze, and provide quality qualified blanks for the firing workshop.


In the process of press forming, it is often necessary to combine the manufacturer's consideration of the shape, size, thickness, yield, quality requirements of the product, as well as the properties of the mud, the technical and the performance conditions and economic benefits of the metal glazed tile forming machine.


The metal glazed tile forming machine has simple process flow, high production efficiency, low energy consumption and good working conditions in production and processing. Under normal circumstances, under the premise of meeting the processing requirements of products, products of different specifications or varieties should adopt the same process as much as possible to facilitate the arrangement of production planning and production scheduling. In the vicinity of the molding machine, it is also necessary to leave a certain space for the other mold, and to place the movable shelf frame.


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