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Installation of the color steel tile
Apr 21, 2018

Color Steel Tile is also called Color Steel Roofing Sheet. It is produced by Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine. It has the characteristics such as Light-weight, High-strength, easy for installation, etc. It’s a common construction materials. The workers must wear the necessary protection tools during the installation. Must install carefully under a bad weather. This article is introducing the installation and usage of the color steel tile.




The installation of the color steel tile


1. Use the steel pipes set up 2 scaffolds. Size is 4M*3M. Equip 4 wheels on each scaffold.

2. Install the inner roofing sheets first, then, according to the technical requirements, fasten the roofing sheet with the 30mm long self-tapping nails. The nail cap’s color should keep the same as the color of the sheet.

3. Spreading the thermal insulation. Seal the joints with the special adhesive tapes.

4. Set the fix accessory. Use the self-tapping nails fasten the fix accessories to every purlin.

5. Put the color steel tile on the fix accessory which was fastened, compact the center rib of the fix accessory and the bottom channel of the inner rib. Make them completely fixed.

6. Use the locker machine tightly lock the tile edge

7. Located the bottom row fix accessory. Locate one at each support face. And make the fix accessory’s rip edge tightly fastened on the outer rip of the installed sheet.

8. Pull a line along the bottom of the sheet. Checking whether the two ends are in the same line. Put the second sheet on the second row of fix accessories. Inner rip on the outer rip of the first sheet, the center rip locate at the fix accessory’s center. Repeat the operate method of the first sheet, install the following sheets.

9. Both sides of wall sheet fix the nails. The installation method is nearly the same as installing the inner roofing sheets.

10. Install the Gutter. On the floor, connect a 9 meters gutter, use the rope pull it to the roof to install. When install the gutter, the line must keep straight.

11. Install the main flashing.

12. At the roofing sheet’s joint part, the longitudinal flashing and cover sheet should be bent  downward. The depth of the downward bending should suit for the sheet’s shape.

13. The horizontal flashing and cover sheet should be installed after fixed the color steel sheet and bent upward. When installing, should us the grooving tool open the notch. The bend the part between the two notch downward.

14. All the flashing on the metope, all use the water-proof rivets to connect. Coat neutral silicone at the joint part.       










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