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Installation and commissioning of steel door frame roll forming machine
Sep 19, 2018

The steel door frame roll forming machine not only has high production efficiency and saves materials, but also has the advantages of high product strength and stable quality. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the position of the embedded parts of the molding machine should be accurate and firm during the installation process, and the foundation should meet the design requirements and achieve the strength of the installation.


Under normal circumstances, before the installation of the steel door frame roll forming machine, the corresponding inspection should be carried out: 1. Check whether the machine is damaged or deformed during transportation; 2. Check whether the fasteners of the main parts of the machine are loose; 3. Check whether the oil pool of the vibration reducer of the reducer and the vibration table and the lubrication points require refueling, and whether the oil quantity is suitable; 4. Check whether the braking effect of the main drive and the brake motor is sensitive and reliable.


At the same time, the steel door frame roll forming machine should be cleaned and lubricated according to the regulations. If the machine is disassembled due to transportation needs, it can be divided into a molding device, a bottom plate device, a feeding device, a roller table and an electric control box, etc., and the assembly should be assembled in the assembled relationship.

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