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How to transport the Sandwich Panel Production Line?
Aug 30, 2018

The most common color steel sandwich panel production line on the market is the composite plate equipment with foamed benzene plate and the color steel plate equipment with rockwool fireproof insulation plate. 


The Sandwich Panel Production Line is composed of Forming machine, Transmission machine, Composite machine, Shearing machine, Discharging platform and so on. The forming machine is used to produce the upper layer of the roof sandwich panel, usually of several types. The transmission machine mainly transfers the insulation materials such as roof, wall and foam rock wool into the composite machine and composite machine by discharging. For the core part of the equipment, it is mainly to glue the upper and lower two layers of the board and the insulation material in the middle. The finished product is cut off by the shearing machine and landed on the feeding platform. The whole production line is completed.


Sandwich panel production line as a relatively large-scale mechanical equipment in color steel equipment, then how to complete the assembly line equipment through the logistics company distribution?


The Sandwich Panel Production Line covers an area of 32 meters long, the bare machine length is about 28 meters, many customers will ask if there is such a long car? How do you install it?


In order to facilitate the installation and transportation, we can disassemble the composite plate production line separately, trapezoidal plate forming host 8 meters, transmission host 6 meters, composite host 6 meters (customizable), shear machine 3 meters, discharge platform 6 meters can be separately installed. The corrugated plate forming machine of rock wool composite board equipment is 8 meters, 6 meters of transmission machine, 9 meters of composite machine (customizable), 3 meters of shearing machine, 6 meters of discharge platform can also be separately loaded.

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