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How to solve the problem of purchase accessories cold roll forming machine?
Jul 30, 2018

After a long time, the customers who have purchased the cold roll forming machine will find that some accessories are not easy to purchase and are not easy to find. This is mainly because the roll forming machine in this industry is non standard equipment, some parts are not ready in the market, can only be customized, and generally customize with the original equipment manufacturer, because the equipment itself needs to be based on the equipment itself. Size specifications to customize production.


First, the purchase of standard accessories. Although the cold roll forming machine belongs to non-standard equipment, most of the accessories are commonly used in the market. Such as electrical accessories, bearings. It is only necessary to purchase according to the original specifications of the equipment. If some of them are not sure which type to purchase, consult the manufacturer. Or directly with the equipment manufacturer procurement, this will be more convenient.


Two. Purchase of non-standard parts. Because the cold roll forming machine is designed according to the profile requirement. Some of the accessories are unique. For example, rollers, cutter die and so on. Like these kind of accessories, we should purchase with the original equipment manufacturer, the original manufacturer has the whole machine data of the equipment that you customize, they produce more easily, plus their rich experience, and the roll forming machine manufacturer's matching equipment is very complete. If it is processed by itself or commissioned by others, it may be inappropriate, time-consuming, costly and laborious. Sometimes, if it is your own treatment, some raw materials are more difficult to buy, such as cutting blade you may be not good to find, because the number of purchases, it is difficult to buy,  if the roll is damaged, it needs to be reprocessed, the program is more complex, the general people are very difficult to process well, need to pass the first car, heat treatment, flat grinding, fine car, surface treatment and so on.


Therefore, for non-standard parts procurement processing, should be as far as possible with your purchase equipment manufacturers purchase, this will be more worry.

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