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How to prolong aluminum gutter roll forming machine’s life time?
Mar 15, 2018

Using the Cr12Mov steel material as the roller of the aluminum gutter roll forming machine, this mainly because this steel has the good wear- resistance ability. After quenching, it need to do two or three times tempering, then it can reach the gutter roll forming machine’s required hardness.  

The rail arc part of the aluminum roll forming machine is the core part of the sliding rail.When the material in the stretching period,the arc part position will change. The R degree will become small and form a triangle. The steel ball can’t reach the bottom. There will be the noise when two points touched. When R degree become bigger, the assisted rail will swing. This will result in the sliding rail suffer a different stress, then become deformed, short the usage time.   

The stability problem of the aluminum gutter roll forming machine. In the production, sometimes, the materials will swing in the rail. This is because the single group wheel under a different stress. If the left stress is big, the material will run to the right side. If the right stress is big, the material will run to the left side.

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