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How to do the acceptance works of the cold roll forming machine?
Jul 31, 2018

It does often appear in the process of selling equipment, according to the customer, after ordering, equipment arrived in the factory ,there’re all kinds of problems cannot be solved, and the factory after-sales couldn't keep up with, it seriously effected the production, equipment can't even use, scrap directly. Such situation, in the cold roll forming machine industry, is not rare, its main reason is that the equipment which manufacturer chooses is not good enough, design is not reasonable, and after sale service cannot keep up with. And at the time of the equipment acceptance if we serious and strict when inspect the machine, this problem can be avoided, and some can be found in time, then request repair or even directly return back.


So, what problems should we pay attention to in the acceptance process so that we can  avoid the above situations?


I. measure the precision of molding products. Product precision is the key to the whole device, precision roller of cold roll forming machine design whether qualified, or debugging success, these two items, any unqualified, should be solved in the manufacturer place.

2. Check the material of the equipment and whether the electrical brand is in accordance with the contract. The material mentioned here is mainly the material of cold bending roll. The material of cold bending roll is well used. And the electric appliance brand determines the stability of the circuit control system, should strictly follow the contract of the brand production.

3.Automatic production inspection. If the continuity of automatic production is not good, it will affect the efficiency of production, and even cannot produce at all. Therefore, more steel should be purchased and brought to the production plant for testing.

4. Punch the die and cut off the inspection of the die. Check the punch hole, cut off to meet the standard, and check if the edge is too large. Check whether the mould material is qualified.

5. inspection of surface smoothness and straightness. These indicators affect sales, which should be handled completely by the manufacturer to make sure it meets the standards.

The above problems, often appear in the cold roll forming machine industry, these problems should be solved in the production of the factory before deliveying the machine otherwise, after the machine arrived customer,it is difficult to deal with.


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