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How to debug the C purlin roll forming machine
Aug 04, 2018

How to make the right debug of the C purlin roll forming machine, the main methods are as follows:


1. How to adjust the platen deviation. If the platen runs deviate to the right side, pad the left corner (de-coiler), or put the right corner lower to flat.


2. Fasten the center of the first row and the last row, then lock the nuts of the two sides. Pull a straight line along the front and behind of the middle center of the middle wheel, after adjust the distance of the upper and bottom shafts, you can adjust the other shafts along the straight line.

3. Then, measure the height of the C purlin roll forming machine frame to bottom shaft, then measure the four corners of the closed two rows’ height. Ensure that these heights are in the same level, then, pull a straight line from the first row to the last row. Ensure the height of all the rows keep the same.


This C purlin roll forming machine also have the advantages such as easy operate, easy maintenance, easy adjust, easy change the molds, etc.


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