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How to deal with the problem of sheet deformation during the process of roll forming?
Aug 08, 2018

The guardrail roll forming machine is for producing guardrails which is used in high speed, tunnel, subway, underground tunnel, etc. Compared with the press equipment, it has the characteristics of more stable performance, higher working efficiency and better quality.However, sometimes,  there may be some defects in the operation of the guardrail cold roll forming machine. The most common one is the problem of the deformation of the product.


What happens when guardrail roll forming machine meets the problem of deformation of profiles during processing? First of all, we need to analyze the cause of the problem, and the most common cause of profile deformation is caused by unbalanced force, which may be caused by improper operation or improper placement.


Therefore, in order to solve the problem of the deformation of the section of the cold roll forming machine in the process of processing, first of all, in the design, there should be a reasonable distribution of deformation, especially in the last few production of the cold roll forming machine, the deformation amount can not be too large. Secondly, the profile can be pre-bended by side roll and over-bending roll, which can effectively prevent the profile from arbitrary swing during the processing. Finally, if the problem of profile deformation still occurs in the production process, then the roll distribution should be adjusted according to the actual situation.


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