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How to check the roll forming machine quality (Part 2)
Mar 02, 2018

How to check the roll forming machine quality (Part 2)

In the former article, we described how to check the quality of the roll forming machine intuitively. In this article, we will describe how to check the quality of roll forming machine from the main components.

Firstly, the roll machine quality. Although a full set of roll forming machine unit is mainly made up of Roll Forming Unit, PLC control system, Hydraulic Pump Station, Automatic Cutting system, the roll forming machine’s quality has the directly connection with the whole machine unit. And the machine’ frame, under frame and other parts’ quality will effect the quality of the machine. 

double layer roll forming machine 4 x.jpg

For example, manufacturer can use the Channel steel, H-shape steel and I-beam steel as the under frame. H-shape steel’s stability and support-ability is better than Chanel steel’s. but the I-beam’s stability and support-ability is the best. 

For some regular type roll forming machine, such as 840 type roof sheet roll forming machine, it’s enough if uses the channel as the under-frame. But for some roll forming machines which has the higher requirement on the roll forming products, for example, require the thicker color steel sheet, more precision shape, more complicate output structures, etc. It needs to add more stronger solid shafts. This will surely increase the weight of the roll forming machine. Under this, we should use the H-shape steel or I-beam as the under-frame. 

In addition, are the shafts hollow or solid? It’s also very important. Furthermore, machine board’s size, thickness, wheel’ s material and size, driving chain’s size are also very important. For example, roll forming 0.6mm and 1.0mm thickness roof sheet can’t use the same wheels.

steel storage rack roll forming machine 2 (2) x.jpg

Secondly, the PLC cabinet. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), normally refers to the controller that can write the user program. The PLC system computer controller is normally used for counting, it makes the roll forming machine become the automatic. Different brand will have different efficiency. Delta, Siemens, Mitsubishi brand is are good brands. So, we should pay attention to the PLC control cabinet. Are they regular’s brand or famous brand.

Third, the hydraulic pump system. Hydraulic pump system is used for control the shear device’s work. The color steel sheet roll formed through the roll forming, formed the required shape, the shear device will cut it to length when the out-put length reached the required length. Hydraulic system is based on the PASCAL Principle, adopts the strong hydraulic pressure which caused by the hydraulic oil to work on the shear device, forming a big force to raise the shear head, when the shear head reached the certain height, it will stop automatically and let the shear head fall, and cut the color steel sheet off.  We should check what’s the brand of the hydraulic pump system. You must try to test, check whether it leaks, whether the oil pipe is aging, whether the system is sensitive, etc.     

橱窗 car panel roll forming machine x.jpg

Fourth, the cutting system. Judge the cutting system is good or bad, we must know the material of the cutting system. We must know what’s the steel grade, etc. This is easy for judge.

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