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How to buy color steel tile equipment
Jun 25, 2018

Color steel tile equipment refers to the use of cold rolling technology to color the steel plate, according to the different products can be produced: Angle Chi tile machine, glazed tile equipment, C steel machine, Z steel machine, color steel composite board machine Wait.

There are many types of color tile and tile equipment on the market today. The production of color steel tile equipment, c steel equipment, z steel equipment, and color steel composite plate equipment are also many manufacturers. As consumers, select good quality and low price equipment and pay attention to the following Some points:

Can not just look at the price. For example, the same type of CNC 840 equipment that produces color steel tile, and some manufacturers' spreads reach nearly 30%. As a machinery industry, there are several reasons why there may be such a high profit gap.

The first is the geographical disparity. The color steel tile equipment produced in some big cities has advanced technology and reliable quality. However, due to the high rents of factories and the high basic wages of employees, it will inevitably lead to high production costs, compared to the production of color steel tile equipment. The price is of course high.

The second is the quality of the products. Due to the different basic materials used to produce the color steel tile equipment, the price of the color steel tile equipment produced is certainly different.

Therefore, the choice of color steel tile equipment • c-shaped steel equipment • z-shaped steel equipment • color steel composite panel equipment can not just look at the price. Picking the appearance is also important. Appearance related to color steel tile equipment • c-shaped steel equipment • z-shaped steel equipment • Color steel composite board equipment technology is mature and equipment quality. Equipment structure and material quality. This is related to the entire color steel tile equipment, c-shaped steel equipment, z-shaped steel equipment, color steel composite board equipment, production life and use of effects.


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