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How to assemble the frame of a cold roll forming machine
Jul 10, 2018

The main body of the cold roll forming machine is made up of three parts, the winding device and the rectifying device. Generally speaking, the main frame of the cold roll forming machine is bought from outside, but do you know how the mainframe of the cold roll forming machine is assembled and formed?


The roll forming machine’s installation sequence is as follows:



First: take the bearing pin and the positioning pin of the two column as the base position, and use the high strength bolt to connect the upper and lower beams to the left and right vertical columns as a whole. In this case, it should be noted that the bearing pin and the pin hole are matched, and the matching marks should be separated when the installation is installed.


Two: the four guide rails are installed on the inner cavity of the frame. The four guides are divided into two specifications, the width is different, and the two wider should be installed near the transmission side, which is installed near the side of the main motor of the roll former.


Three: hoisting the main frame to the predetermined installation position, pay attention to using the lifting hole of the lower beam to avoid the force of the connecting bolt of the frame.


Four: according to the process design blueprint to correct the horizontal position and elevation of the main frame, we must pay attention to the relative position between the main frame and the two main motors.


Five: use the horizontal instrument to adjust the main frame level, so that the flatness tolerance of the main frame is 2mm/m..


Six: after the safe installation of the rack, use the torque wrench to tighten the high-strength bolt group, tightening torque is 750N.m.


Seven: after fasten bolts of the frame are tightened and the joints of the columns and beams have no gap, the anchor bolts can be tightened so that the main frame of a cold roll forming  machine is completed. 

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