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General description of forming characteristics of the roll forming machine
Apr 12, 2018

Roll forming machine can directly equipped to the production line. It has the very important effect on the profiles production.


In a word, roll forming machine has the good production capacity. When process different metal materials, roll forming technology is a new craft, a new technology which is energy saved and high efficiency. Adopting this technology, we can not only produce the high quality profiles, but also short the production time, improve the production efficiency, thus improve the enterprise’s market competition.


Of course, during the production, when doing the roll forming process, the roll forming machine can adopt different forming methods. The usual crafts including single forming, roll forming, continuous forming and combination forming. Among them, single forming technology is pre-cut the sheet to the required length, then through the feeder feeding into the roll forming machine. The profiles can be collected and stored directly after roll formed. This is especially suit for the materials which is easy for forming. This kind of roll forming machine is mainly used for small batch production.  


The main advantages of this forming technology is that it can save the investment costs and occupy a small area, and the forming requirement is simple. The technology of the roll forming and the continuous forming is nearly the same. Their differences are: for continuous forming, it must weld the joint part of two sheet when making the forming process; but for the roll forming, it just need to supply single coils every time. These two technologies are all need big investment and work area.  


In fact, if using the roll forming machine produce some special profiles, usually, it needs to adopt combination forming. This profiles has the special requirement on the forming technology, so they need more complicate roll forming machine. This kind of roll forming machine is suit for the production of the high strength sheet.

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