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Enviromental recycled lithium - battery electric scissors hot sale in cold roll forming machinry industry
Jul 21, 2018

Recently, the new product, electric scissors is hot sale in cold roll forming machinry industry , it is amazing how fast, Therefore, it can be seen that more than 10 years of development history of the tile press industry is eager for new product and old products have covered the domestic market widely. According to an anonymous survey, a good salesman can sell out more than 10 scissors within a day, this figures can imagine China's construction industry developed and the market demand is huge. What makes it so quick to capture the market? Let's analyze it together.

Humanized design, light weight, compact shape, flexible use

Lithium battery, rechargeable, reusable, enviromental, detachable

The cutting head is made of alum alloy steel, which can be cut and cut at will without any burrs

Widely used, shearing tin shingle, stainless steel, color steel shingle

High efficiency and sustainable working for 5 hours

Shift gears can be carried out according to different shear materials

No speed switch, with the increase of pressure, speed up

In conclusion, this kind of electric scissors is a good design of steel structure construction with seven advantages.

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