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Description of cutting characteristics of fully automatic metal cutting machine
Sep 21, 2018

The automatic metal cutting machine is operated with hydraulic pump as the feed power. During the cutting process, the cutting force is heavy and the cutting is more stable. The saw blade runs at low speed and is suitable for sawing thick steel tubes such as steel and stainless steel. Other shaped materials. When cutting, it is fed in a vertical slide way. The feed speed is stable, no knives are used, and the tool life is long.


Due to the special configuration of multiple sets of gear transmissions, the cutting precision of the fully automatic metal cutting machine is high and stable. In addition, the cooling circulation system can make the cutting surface of the workpiece smooth and accurate, without burrs, and help to extend the life of the saw blade, which is suitable for long-term sawing.


The fully automatic metal cutting machine has a high degree of automation. During the use, the working program can be set by the programmable PLC controller according to the production requirements, so as to cooperate with the production of automatic components. In this way, the material is fed, clamped, sawed, etc., in a tight and automatic cycle. The floating feed system is precise, fast and does not hurt the surface of the workpiece.

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