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Craft mold
Jan 31, 2018

Craft mold

Rolling a moving plate with a fixed plate for reciprocating relative motion. Roll forming is the rolling of the different structural design of the wire on the workpiece. Various threads, rings, knurls, chamfers with different depths and grooves of different depths and other shapes can be rolled as required.

Roll forming is more complicated than rolling threads and requires higher. The mold design is based on the different shapes of the workpiece, the design of the screw into a cross-section or a few cross-section, can be synchronized; can also be used grading. When the rough along the axis of the same or the same diameter, can be used synchronous roll forming; when the blank along the axis of the diameter of different sizes, the need to roll several different diameter structure, then the use of hierarchical rolling forming. Generally can be a roll forming, complex shape can also be two roll forming

Pressure forming is an advanced processing technology, its significant characteristics of the process by the automotive industry at home and abroad attention. The United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Russia all vigorously develop this technology. The United States uses the rolling process to manufacture automobile shaft, reaching 200 pieces per minute, which is 40 times more than the original cutting. Britain, Japan, the automotive industry also uses the rolling process of production of automotive connecting rod parts

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