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Color steel sandwich panel forming machine details
Sep 26, 2018

Color steel sandwich panel forming machine is a special production equipment in the production and processing of new building materials. The main function of this equipment is to combine color steel in thicker and lighter inner core material EPS board or rock wool board, and in continuous The precise cutting of the composite board under the operating conditions realizes mechanization and automation of the entire production process.


In the process of producing various kinds of plates, the color steel sandwich panel forming machine is made of color coated steel plate as a surface material, self-extinguishing polystyrene, polyurethane, glass wool, rock wool as core material, and heat curing Ultra-light building panels made of heat and pressure in a continuous molding machine. In this production unit, single-layer corrugated and double-layer corrugating machines can be designed according to customer needs.


For different production requirements, color steel sandwich panel forming machines can be designed with different plate types and configurations to meet the requirements of use. The single-flying saw and the double-flying saw are two cutting methods, which are different for different core materials, and the fully enclosed rear cutting device is safer and more sanitary. In addition, slitting machines, capping machines, edge banding machines, rock wool sandwich panels are an essential configuration.

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