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Color steel equipment molding characteristics
Jun 22, 2018

The color steel equipment adopts color coated steel plate and is roll-pressed and cold-formed into various wave-shaped press plates. It is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouse special buildings, roofs, walls and internal and external wall decorations of large-span steel structure houses. Such as, with light weight, high strength, rich color, easy and fast construction, seismic, fire, rain, long life, maintenance-free and so on.

In order to ensure the service life of the double-layer color rolling equipment, it is best to place the tile press equipment in the house, and the ground must be leveled to prevent deformation and the like for a long time. After using the tile press, be sure to pay attention to cleaning. Avoid the remaining color steel slag left between the shaft gaps. Also pay attention to be sure to cut off the power without using it.

The fixed displacement of the color steel equipment, the expansion or contraction displacement between the terminal and the last support of the color steel equipment is only a small part of the data shown in the table. It usually starts from the center and tends to each end of the tile press. The amount of displacement at each end is only half the amount of expansion or contraction. There are also some temperature changes in the building structure or the roof frame. Although not as large as the roof, they still reduce the displacement between the roof plate and its supporting surface. Ultimately, this differential displacement is further reduced due to the buckling of the tile press, especially across the middle, with particular attention paid to the consistency of the life of the overlying material with the specified fastener life. Also note that the thickness of the steel purlin must not exceed the self-drilling capacity of the screw.

The screws supplied today can have plastic heads, stainless steel caps or special durable protective layers. In addition, the use of self-tapping screws. Fixing screws should be selected according to the service life of the structure. In addition to the dark fastening screws, the other screws are provided with waterproof washers, and special washers are provided for the lighting board and under special air pressure conditions. The handling of some details is more important. For roofing, it is necessary to carry out the corresponding edge-swapping work on the roof and the roof, and the device is easy to grasp. Its purpose is to more effectively prevent rain from entering the roof.

Color steel equipment is based on a double-layer tile press machine and one of the layers is a glazed tile. It is also possible to produce two different-section plates, one of which is a glazed tile and the other is a normal tile.

The color steel equipment adopts the latest double-layer design, which is economical and economical. It can combine two types of equipment into one unit. It has a small footprint and convenient transportation, and the double-layer cost is much lower than that of the two single-layer machines. The user's first choice, the factory after-sales service is complete, and can be based on user requirements for special design and manufacturing, while the user guidance, production, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

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