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How to check the roll forming machine quality (Part 1)
Feb 28, 2018

How to check the quality of roll forming machine (Part 1)

Currently, the economy of traditional industry is keep downing, lots of manufacturing industries have the over-capacity. So, we must pay more attention to the carefully investment. On construction materials manufacture industry, it’s very important to choose the roll forming machines. Bought the good ones, then you can make the smooth production. How to buy the good roll forming machines? We think, we firstly should know how to check the quality of the roll forming machine.

C purlin roll forming machinea.jpg

Usually, roll forming machine is make up of Roll Forming Unit, PLC control system, Hydraulic Pump Station, Automatic Cutting system, etc. Sometimes, according to customer’s requirement, manufacturer will add some other components or accessories. If we bought the in-qualified roll forming machine, there will be some problems more or less during the production. This not only effect the production efficient, but also effect the product’s quality. In order to avoid the quality problems, we should choose the suitable roll forming machines cautiously.

How to judge the roll forming machine’s quality is good or bad, we can first simply check the quality from the following three steps:  

double layer roll forming machine 4 xa.jpg

Firstly, check the lacquering quality. Check the material of the I beam and middle plate. Check if used the good quality and high strength screws. Whether used the good electrical control system. Because the electric appliance is very important, every production process will be controlled and finished by it. In addition, the selection of the raw materials determines whether the roll forming machine is easy to damage and the use life time.

Then, check the roll shafts’ quality. Are they solid or hollow? Because, the roof panel’s quality can reflect the roll forming machine’s quality. Roll Shafts is very important during the roll forming process. There are two kinds of roll shafts, Solid and Hollow. Solid roll shaft has the big pressure, the roof panel will have the good precision. Contrary, the hollow shaft’s extrusion pressure is small, so the roof panel’s quality is not as good as the roof panel which producing by solid roll shafts. So, we must check the roll shafts are solid or hollow. The method is very easy, discharge one or two roll shafts randomly to check.

Then, check the vertical plate’s size and thickness. Check the wheels’ material and sizes. Check the size of the driving chains. These can judge the roll forming machine’s quality is good or bad intuitively.  

CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machinea.jpg

In the next article, we will make the detailed descriptions of how to check the quality of roll forming machines components.

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