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Characteristics of light steel structure housing
Sep 08, 2018

Eco-house with light steel structure is a new type of low-rise building with light steel structure developed by introducing advanced technology from abroad. A new type of building system is built with steel structure composed of unit components as the main body and integrated mode through industrialized production and mechanized construction.

The housing system has the following characteristics:

High stability and aseismic structure.

The main load-bearing structure is composed of galvanized steel keel and structural sheet. The structure has good integrity and light weight. It can withstand earthquakes of magnitude 8 and hurricanes of wind speed up to 50 m/s. Because this building system uses light steel keel structure, in the event of a strong earthquake, there will only be deformation but no collapse, fracture, less harm to people, conducive to escape, but also reduce the intensity of rescue workers, improve rescue efficiency.

Industrial production

All the keels of light steel structure house are produced by computer control with CAD design drawing. The dimension precision of components reaches millimeter level, which provides a good foundation for the later decoration project. The industrialization of production has provided ample space for the large-scale and industrialized development of the building structure system.

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