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Characteristics of circular falling pipe equipment
May 04, 2018

Beautiful modeling:

The fashionable, elegant shape, small arc edge design gives different styles of buildings with character and aura.

The design of corrugated rectangular water pipe. High dignity and natural integration with the entire external facade

The unique use of seamless rain water pipe. Prevent rainwater from draining and make good parts.

For a long time as new:

Stainless aluminum alloy plate has high strength, light weight and aging resistance.

The oxidation protection layer on metal surface has extremely high corrosion resistance.

Imitating aging treatment on the surface of copper metal substrate. Natural rust color of copper metal in natural environment

Easy to install:

The components of a series of different specifications can be assembled freely. Make the design easy and easy to change

Metal water drop system has fewer fittings, easy installation and natural connection between fittings.

Green environmental protection:

The falling water system can be recycled and will not cause any pollution to the natural environment, which is in line with national green building requirements.

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