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C Purlin Roll Forming Machine high performance
Apr 27, 2018

The C Purlin Roll Forming Machine is an efficient and economical profile. Due to the reasonable cross-sectional shape, they can make the steel work more efficiently and improve its ability to cut. Different from the ordinary I-shaped type, the winged embroidery of H-shaped steel is widened, and the inner and outer surfaces are generally parallel, which can facilitate the connection of high-strength screw and other components. Its size constitutes a reasonable series, complete model, easy to design and use. This machine adopts automatic flying saw punching, easy operation and so on. C-shaped steel is a product of C-shaped steel machine, not channel steel. It is made of sheet steel, such as 0.35 mm thick steel plate, and used as a purlin of steel structure workshop. The C-beam machine is a single-roll forming machine capable of producing a variety of C-shaped purlin products. The machine mainly consists of passive loading rack, leveling device, punching device, cutting device after forming, hydraulic station, computer control system and so on.

C Purlin Roll Forming Machine main use products can be used as the main force structure of large and medium industrial civil buildings.

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