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C purlin machine characteristics and usage.
May 23, 2018

C purlin machine as the production and processing machinery of building steel, can produce various kinds of steel purlins for steel structure building frame.

C purlin machines are suitable for maintenance structure and decoration of industrial and civil buildings, warehouses and large-span steel structure houses. The machine is mainly composed of decoiler, leveling device, punching device, post forming cut-off device, hydraulic station,PLC system controller, etc. It features automatic flying saw piercing, simple operation and so on. The C steel finished products rolled by the type C steel equipment of the pressing machine have good tensile bending and pressing performance, automatic length cutting, automatic punching, high automation and convenient installation. The product can be used as the main force structure of large and medium-sized industrial and civil buildings.


C purlin machine uses a more advanced flying saw hydraulic system, fine cutting unmistakable cutting, because the section shape cutting reasonable no error, so that they can help them play a higher efficiency and carrying capacity.

C purlin machine adopts PLC control system, can help operators better control production and processing, and its later maintenance and maintenance is very convenient, only need to add lubricating oil to the machine lubricating oil barrel.

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