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Application advantages of double roll forming machine
Sep 17, 2018

The double-layer roll forming machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving in practical applications. It is also called new cement energy-saving grinding equipment. It has the function of replacing the high-energy, low-efficiency ball mill pre-grinding system and reducing the steel consumption and noise. The construction of the new plant can also be used for the technical transformation of the old factory.


During the operation of the double roll forming machine, after the small particle material is pressed, its internal structure is filled with many micro cracks, and the wearability is greatly improved. The roller surface is hot-stacked and the wear layer is more convenient to repair. The main design features of the machine are high pressure, full speed, full material, and material bed crushing. The roller press consists of two pressing rollers that rotate in opposite directions, one is a fixed roller and the other is a movable roller.


In the double roll forming machine, the material becomes a dense cake and is discharged from the machine after being pressed. The discharged cake, except for a certain proportion of fine finished products. In the interior of the non-finished particles, a large number of cracks are generated, which improves the wearability of the material, and in the further pulverization process, the grinding energy consumption can be greatly reduced.

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