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900 Type Color Steel Roll Forming Machine
Jun 28, 2018

Product use: wall panel equipment 

Type: Tile Machinery 

Dimension: 700 cm 

Dimension: 700 

Molding cycle: 30 

Working pressure: 20 MPa 

Maximum pressure: 10 kn 

Total machine weight: 5 t 

Vibration frequency: 20 Hz 

Transmission mode: chain drive 

Installed capacity: 5000 kw 

Total power: 3KW 

Molding pressure: 5 t


Jiangsu Lebron Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in steel structure roofing and wall panel roll forming machine. It is committed to the development and manufacture of (C, Z type steel equipment, steel structure equipment, color steel tile equipment) and other cold roll forming machines, with unique management mode and product development ability. Now more than a dozen series of press type steel plate production lines have been developed, such as wall panel roll forming machine, floor deck roll forming machine, CZ purlin roll forming machine and so on; the company also produces hydraulic shear plate machine, CNC bending machine, steel coil vertical shear unit, steel winding. Flat crosscutting unit and other equipment. The product is favored by the steel structure industry due to its lightweight structure, reasonable design and constant renovation.

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